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Teachings for The Strong Hearted

What if you could stop underperforming and start living the masterful life you know you’re capable of?​

You were meant for more. You know it. I know it. Others see it in you, but you’re STILL sabotaging yourself. I’m here to help you set yourself free.

Hi, I’m Shannon.

An influential spiritual teacher and mentor that has transformed thousands of lives over the past twenty years. Through my self-healing journey, I realized the cosmic truth that personal trauma can strengthen and awaken your higher power. The gift of insight, healing, and empowerment have all emerged from within, and I want to show you how you can do the same.  

My mission is to guide you to:

You're worthy of guidance.

Wherever you are going, there is someone whose been there before you and someone who will come after you.

Working with an experienced mentor sidesteps years of trial and error to get through the confusion gently, and land in your love gracefully.

Leadership for Yoga Teachers

I teach yoga teachers how to evolve beyond the studio, share their message, and lead communities not just classes.

Rituals for Self Mastery

Integrate, empower, awaken. Embody the wakened state that comes from living the work. In this program I teach everything from boundaries to daily practices to maximize performance.

Stop experiencing your lessons through dissapointment, decide to grow with guidance.

Finding the right support is critical to your evolution.

Robert Sturman
What has impressed me over my many years of friendship and business endeavors with Shannon, is her authenticity, sincerity, support of all those around her, attention to detail, and the list can go on and on and on. Although I work in the yoga world, I am still so inspired by the rare individual who is truly living their yoga in every aspect of their life. Shannon cares about her clients, her students, and all of humanity and it shows. Just look at how devoted her students are. In this world, this quality of human being ought to be treasured. I know I do.
Sherry Brourman

I have been blessed to be Shannon’s teacher, student, and friend all concurrently for the entirety of twenty years. She is exemplary in all three roles. As a student, Shannon uses each aspect of my teaching as a catalyst to research, explore, study, question and land someplace uniquely hers’. As an inward seeker and student of life, Shannon is adamantly courageous making her an excellent teacher for me. For her beginning students, and all the way up to her highly accomplished yoga therapist students, Shannon teaches with depth, science, spirit, and a heart opening humor like no other.

PT, ERYT 500

Start living your yoga.